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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Campteller

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Campteller was established with the aim of improving the highly fragmented intra- Africa cross border educational tuition payment. Sub-Africa is one of the leading continents in cross border educational mobility globally and the numbers are also increasing within the continent however payment frictions and cost, are significant barriers to enable smooth and superior student experiences.

Campteller is a cross border education marketplace with focus on reducing the burden of making cross border tuition payment, accommodation, travel insurance for students.

We have deployed the platform, leveraging country-level financial service providers with cross border interoperability to collect, process and disburse tuition payments across Africa and outbound Africa using local currencies.

Why Campteller rather than bank transfer or International money remitters or pay cash to my School?

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Campteller offers the cheapest payment options by enabling the ability to make the ‘Payment decision’ based on a smart payment gateway which offers the rates for diverse channels of Bank transfer, Local cards, international cards, agent locations etc

At Campteller, we manage the entire lifecycle process from end-to-end till the fulfillment with educational partners.

What Are the benefits?

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It’s most AFFORDABLE. We deliver the payments as a batch and offer the best exchange rates for local currency payments.

Most CONVENIENT. It’s available via more channels than the rest.

SUPPORT – We speak in your local language. Users TRACK their payments via dashboard to monitor hourly and daily progress until fulfillment of the payment.

ROBUST – We have partnered with leading financial services providers across Africa so we can deliver faster and cheaper.

Support is available via different channels 24/7.

Can I track my payments on Campteller?

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Yes. As a student, agent or educational services partner, you can log into the dashboard, to view payment status, print confirmation, download or forward Tuition invoices paid etc

How long will my payments take with Campteller?

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Depending on the payment origin and channel selected by the students, we will get your payments to the educational partner, instantly for in-Country payment and between 24hrs to 48hrs after receipt of your payments in our collections bank account for cross border payment.

We strive to improve the process in the near future to 24hrs maximum as we improve on cross border settlement processes.

The Campteller coverage?

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The reach is our major advantage. In Africa, we are deploying on a greenfield approach due to the highly fragmented ecosystem.

Campteller will deploy across Africa, one country at a time but for the rest of the world, its Plug and play through already existing partnerships across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia etc.

We will drive intra Africa educational payments across over 188 corridors and also, Africa to the World!

Where can I use Campteller in my country?

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Depending on local regulations and partners in-country, the service will be available via web, Bank branches and selected third party educational agents.

Will users be charged any transaction fees?

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NO. Fees will not be charged for payment of school fees however your bank or card provider may charge a fee for processing your payment to us.

If the payment is made in local currency, it will not attract any charge. Third-party agents that will not charge fees, also.

Can I pay for someone else on Campteller

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Yes, you can. Parents, guardians, organizations, NGOs, friends and families can initiate and make payments for their wards and associates using payment instruments that are legally theirs like Bank accounts, Debit or credit cards.

All that is required is to enter the payer information, upload a government issued ID that matches the payment card for compliance purposes.

Can Campteller make other international payments or process personal payments?

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CAMPTELLER will only process educational related payments for businesses or individuals through licensed in-country payment service providers.

In what currency will my school receive the funds and any charges to them?

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All outgoing fees made in local currencies will be converted to the currency of the recipient educational institution in their local currency and full value.

If 1,000 Cedis is to be sent from Nigeria to Ghana, students will make the equivalent payment of the amount in Naira and the school will receive exactly 1,000 Ghanaian Cedis. No charges to students and educational partners.

How can I become an Agent Partner or Educational Partner?

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Send an email to [email protected] detailing your location and area of interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible.